FTTH Fibre Network rollout design and build services

About us…

Softelnet UK Ltd is a world class IT and network design services provider


Network concept business case calculation

We support ISPs at the very beginning of rollout process by shortlisting potential network build areas. Given a set of rules an automated calculation of network topology concept provides critical data for business case assessment

» High level network topology calculation with use of PIA network
» Premise connection cost heat map
» Build cost estimation (BoM, BoS)
» Over 2 millions of homes passed already calculated

High level fibre network design

Using our GIS tools we are able to quickly produce high level network designs needed for project assessment, network build cost estimations along with risk and wayleave identification. The design covers aerial, ducted and direct buried access technologies using both existing infrastructure (PIA) and own trench routes.

» Over 600k properties have been costed on high level
» Over 300 design areas including towns, villages and rural areas
» High level build cost estimation along with PIA lease costings
» Covers active, feeder, access and drop installation network
» QGIS in use for FTTH/GPON network planning within implementation of European Digital Agenda

Detailed fibre network design

High level designs can move seamlessly into detailed design and produce the low level design documentation needed to build a network. We provide customisable maps with variety of layouts focusing on different network views. Splicing schematics,  single line diagrams, connectivity reports, inside-plant views and detailed Bill Of Materials, automated generation of comprehensive construction packs to give the build team the information they need in the field and help reduce roll out time. Detailed designs can also be provided as standalone packages for mobile devices to simplify data distribution and data capture during the build process, build deviations and as-built records as can be managed from mobile devices for ease of use and to minimise any lag in network records and the real world build. In addition to preparation of design documentation our designers offer on-line build support during whole network build process.

Field surveys and Openreach PIA surveys

Surveying is an essential part of any successful rollout project. Initial design elements can be completed using desktop surveys, producing buildable network design will normally require engaging field teams to visit the site. We offer a comprehensive field survey services from pre build to producing final as built project drawings. Full PIA survey for ducts, chambers and poles are supported by utilising our IT tools allowing simple and efficient data capture with photos in both on-line and off-line modes. Surveyed data is seamlessly synchronised with central repository and made available for the network design team

Duct proving & microduct installations

Utilising existing ducts can reduce cost and decrease installation time. Our teams are able to prove duct routes before a project reaches build stage to ensure a smooth rollout. Whenever it is desirable we also install microducts during duct proving to speed-up future network build. All activities are reported to and synchronised with the central design database through our IT tool which keeps track of up to the minute construction progress and helps identify risks and adjust build schedule minimise any risk of down tooling on the construction site


FTTH network rollout process software support

GIS Network Design & Inventory

Built on open source GIS and CAD platforms our solution, is highly customisable and is able to utilise plugins and modules to offer a host of features and ways to visualise your network and data.

Integration with OpenReach

Integration with Openreach portal through API. Manage NOIs and PIA within integrated processes, create NOI and assign Openreach assets based on designed cable routes. Raise batch whereabouts requests.

Online insight view into current progress

View online progress of network build from any device via web interface. Track speed of progress of network build and properties handed over to service delivery.

Ordnance Survey dataset support

Integrated loading of Ordnance Survey and INSPIRE datasets. Support for Addressbase, Mastermap, RAMI Roads and Cadastrals that are used across whole network planning and FTTH rollout process.

Field Survey and As-built mobile data collector

View network and collect data on hand held devices. Seamlessly move between devices and provide workers in the field everything needed in one place. Collect data and instantly share with back office teams.

Network maintenance support

Our services do not end with the completion of build. Networks change and evolve over time, we can perform ongoing activities and maintenance tasks with qualified teams and supporting tools.